Andi Ferguson is a tireless, award-winning public relations strategist with a record of success counseling clients in media management (editorial, social and paid), policy management, public-private partnerships, credibility risk management and crisis mitigation.

Serving a range of clients in both the B2C and B2B spaces, Andi’s expertise and background focuses on real estate development; litigation; healthcare; federal, state and city contracting; higher education; R&D; advanced technology and legislation.

Andi’s professional history as lead communications strategist for a handful of Cincinnati’s most respected institutions forged a foundation in editorial relations, reputation management, influencer strategies and forecasting. 

Andi is most often commended for her intuition, creativity, leadership, fearlessness, resourcefulness, efficiency and relationship management. Her detailed work history is located here

Andi’s North Star: Winning on behalf of those she serves.